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Public Relations And Advertisement
The Public Relations and Advertising Department is a theoretical and practical multi-disciplined branch of study. Besides the basic courses, it involves the study of many interrelated disciplines such as Sociology, Psychology, Critical Thinking, Social Psychology, Political Sciences, Business Management and Organization, Marketing, Communication Law, Graphics and Design, multi-media design, etc. The key  basic areas of study include:
  • Providing students with scientific research information and awareness about the meaning, importance, developments and new trends of public relations and advertising.
  • Creating interest and awareness, motivation to research into marketing, product, customer relations, event management target attention, media, new media, special events, promotion, sponsorship, branding etc.
  • Researching the methods of effectively delivering information to the target by using articles, collateral material, newsletters and websites.
  • How to build a good image and improve speech.
  • How to conduct a public relation campaign.
  • How to prepare and conduct opinion polls.
  • How to design advertisements.

​During the four years of study, students are thoroughly schooled in all these disciplines.  The major objective of the Public Relations and Advertising Department is to elevate students’ critical, creative and inquisitive  awareness against the background of modern sciences.