Faculty Of Business And Management Sciences

With the foundation of Our University on June 18, 2013, Faculty of Business and Management Sciences has started the education activities with the intake of first students in the 2014-2015 academic year via the additional placement of OSYM. Our education covers active programs of Business Administration (English and Turkish), Political Sciences and International Relations (English and Turkish), International Logistics and Transportation as well as International Trade, our faculty also offers a wide range of possibilities of education for students. 

All programs are designed in accordance with international standards, within the framework of the Bologna Process for Higher Education and aims to educate business people well equipped with the knowledge and skills appropriate to the requirements of contemporary business management approaches. 

Our teaching staff, who are experts in their own fields and with adequate industrial experience, transfer their knowledge and experience to our students on theoretical approaches and practical application and equip our students with the knowledge and skills they will need in their professional lives. In the discipline of Political Sciences and International Relations, our professors have a great focus on international security and migration issues.

Our students also have the opportunity to study in any country of their choice which are using the ECTS (European Credits Transfer System) within the framework of the Erasmus Programme up to 2 Semesters.

Our Mission
As a faculty, focused on the solutions to the problems of the business world and the community we live within. In that respect we aim;

To train the future managers, our target is to ensure the qualified human demand of our country, who will use the technology at the highest level, respect the ethical values, have social responsibility awareness; To contribute to the academic literature with publications and activities with high scientific value at national and international level, To develop projects for the solution of business environment and national problems to the national economy. To provide additional values and social benefits to national security and to the development of our communities structure.

Our Vision
While providing a high-quality education in accordance with basic principles and values of the Turkish Republic as stated in constitution, producing innovative and creative solutions in a global environment where revolutionary technological advances and rapidly changing political, social and economic developments are experienced. Our faculty aims to contribute national and international knowledge at the national and international level.
Prof. Dr. Sait YILMAZ