School Of Physical Education And Sports

As is known, sport is one of the most important social facts of today's world. Therefore, the power of sport can gather 206 countries under a single roof (IOC) and it has power to bring countries together which are at war with each other on the same platform and race in the national unity and solidarity with the spirit of olympicism. Sport organizations are watched by billions of people at the same time, and the broadcasting rights of these organizations can be sold at very high prices. This enormous industry provides employment opportunity for millions of people. At the same time, sport is also considered as one of the most important tools of education in raising qualified people needed for social development and improvement.

As Istanbul Esenyurt University School of Physical Education and Sports, being aware of this potential power of sports, we have been trying to shape the future and sports in accordance with the vision of our university since its establishment. With our Sports Management and Coaching Education programs, we have the mission of raising qualified graduates who will contribute to the science of sport required by our country and the world.

In one sense, while contributing to the knowledge generation by adhering to the basic functions of being a university, conversely, with programs which consider the expectations and needs of the industry, raising versatile and equipped professional staff with sector, producing social service projects is our primary responsibility with the understanding of giving what we get from the society to the society at the same time. With this understanding, our college aims to be a window opening to Istanbul and our country-wide, even outside the borders of our country. I believe that we have this potential as college. With our academic and administrative staff, senior staff and students, motivating this potential is our primary duty with team mentality. I wish you all success with this understanding and belief. Godspeed !

Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Ş. Onur VİGA
Manager V.