Aims and Goals

The Strategic Plan of Istanbul Esenyurt University 2018-2022 consists of 34 goals, 157 actions and performance indicators around 9 main strategic goals.

The Strategic Plan of Istanbul Esenyurt University includes the following 9 main strategic goals and related objectives:


Strategic Objective 1: To Achieve Excellence in Undergraduate Education

Goal 1.1: To ensure that successful domestic / foreign students give priority to our University in their preferences in undergraduate education,

Goal 1.2: To enrich the experienced and qualified academic staff of our university,

Goal 1.3: To improve the English education provided through the Foreign Languages Preparatory Unit and the Continuing Education Application and Research Center (ESEM) of Istanbul Esenyurt University,

Goal 1.4: To develop and support students' academic and social activities,

Goal 1.5: To start the second foreign language education within the Foreign Languages Preparatory Unit,

Goal 1.6: To increase the level of student satisfaction,

Goal 1.7: To increase the number of courses taught by distance education and the quality of the course contents.


Strategic Objective 2: To Achieve Excellence in Graduate Education

Goal 2.1: To enrich postgraduate education by diversifying the master's and doctoral programs of our university,

Goal 2.2: To enrich the graduate academic staff of our university,

Goal 2.3: To increase the number of foreign students in graduate programs.


Strategic Objective 3: To Produce Qualified Academic Publications Based on Research

Goal 3.1: To encourage qualified academic publications and research through the Istanbul Esenyurt University Scientific Activities Promotion Commission (IESUBEDEK),

Objective 3.2: To carry out activities to raise awareness of academic staff about national/ International non-university research supports,

Goal 3.3: To establish a Center for Eurasian Studies (AAM) and to carry out academic publications and research activities within its body.


Strategic Objective 4: To Ensure and Develop National/International Recognition

Goal 4.1: To integrate our university into Erasmus+ international exchange processes,

Goal 4.2: To encourage our academic staff to conduct joint research and publication with distinguished academicians from abroad,

Goal 4.3: To enable our academicians to work as visiting researchers at universities and research centers abroad through Erasmus+ channels,

Target 4.4: To increase the proportion of foreign students through Erasmus+ exchange programs.


Strategic Objective 5: To Create a Corporate Culture Based on the Principles of Transparency and Social Service

Objective 5.1: To update the existing educational curricula according to the requirements of the public and private sectors,

Objective 5.2: To enrich the educational programs offered through the Continuing Education Application and Research Center (ESEM) of Istanbul Esenyurt University,

Goal 5.3: To diversify the postgraduate programs offered through the Distance Education Research Center (UEAM) in accordance with regional needs,

Goal 5.4: To improve the Distance Education Research Center,

Goal 5.5: To develop projects in areas related to external stakeholders.


Strategic Objective 6: To Ensure Corporate Structuring within the Framework of the Principle of Continuity

Goal 6.1: To improve the corporate culture,

Dec 6.2: To strengthen the communication between the Publicity and Public Relations Unit and the print and visual press,

Goal 6.3: To develop national and international cooperation networks,

Goal 6.4: To monitor and evaluate strategic goals at December intervals.


Strategic Objective 7: To Improve the IT Infrastructure and Diversify Activities

Goal 7.1: To create and develop the Emergency Situation Center (ODM),

Goal 7.2: To improve the Student Information System,

Goal 7.3: Strengthen the Internet infrastructure,

Goal 7.4: To establish the Document Management System.


Strategic Objective 8: To Increase Student and Administrative/Academic Staff Satisfaction

Goal 8.1: To determine the level of student satisfaction and to carry out remedial activities,

Goal 8.2: To increase the satisfaction level of academic staff by 20%,

Target 8.3: To increase the satisfaction level of administrative personnel by 20%.


Strategic Objective 9: To Increase and Diversify Financial Resources

Goal 9.1: To diversify and increase financial resources.