Mission and Vision


To educate individuals who assimilate the principles and values of the Republic, contribute to the dissemination of scientific and technological developments to society, have a knowledgeable, competent and entrepreneurial spirit in the areas that our country needs in particular, and have a sense of social responsibility in general.

  • Vision
  • Libertarian,
  • Outstanding with its academic and physical infrastructure,
  • Respectful of traditions and differences,
  • Who aims to serve his country and science,
  • To be a university that produces original information with an interdisciplinary understanding of education at world standards and educates individuals who can give direction to the future, with a focus on practice.

Our Values

Istanbul Esenyurt University in line with the goal of reaching the modern civilization level under the leadership of reason and science in the light of Atatürk's principles and revolutions,

  • Respect for the culture and traditions of our country,
  • Respect for ethical values,
  • Equality of opportunity in education, Modernity, Innovation, Participation,
  • Technology and science orientation,
  • Transparency, Student focus, Academic and scientific originality, Continuous improvement and development focus in quality processes,
  • Having a team spirit and environmental awareness, he has adopted his principles and concepts as basic values.